Atheist Saviors

There’s a joke in the now-infamous “Super Best Friends” episode of South Park, where the Lincoln Memorial comes alive and begins wreaking havoc. So, the heroes ask, how do you kill a giant, stone Abraham Lincoln?

The answer: A giant John Wilkes Booth. Obviously.

Well, the Reddit commentators at the Atheism subreddit are having a lively (and quite enjoyable) conversation along the same lines — How do you kill a viral, living religious force (aka Allgod)?

With virile, living atheist superheroes, of course!


Marvel Boy and Fantomex from THE LIST: WOLVERINE

Spinning out of the pictured sequence between Marvel Boy (aka Noh-Varr) and Fantomex (aka Weapon XIII), the discussion delves into how both characters and readers view gods (or “gods”) in the superhero genre. And it leads to some excellent observations and quotables, including Wolverine being a misotheist and God looking like Stan Lee.

Worth checking out!


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