Rao Wants to Know: Why No Zoroastrianism?

There are more hints of Zoroastrianism in U.S. culture than one might initially recognize. Brands such as Jaguar, Tetley Tea, and LandRover are all owned by a company long run by a Zoroastrian family. The haunting, familiar music from 2001: A Space Odyssey is named for the Zoroastrian prophet (as is Nietzche’s book that inspired the title); so is the music of Queen, with Zoroastrian front man Freddy Mercury (formerly Farrokh Bulsara).

So, asks Hervé St-Louis at the Comic Book Bin, where are all the Zoroastrianisms in American comics?

I’m quite amazed that the comic book world, known for its propensity to create stories based on any religion or myth has not yet plunged into the world of Zoroastrianism to add some texture to its characters.

While Indian comics may fare better at addressing the religion, St-Louis can offer a scant few examples in comics for American markets. “Zoroastrianism does not seem to have been explored in comic books to the same extent as other religions in character origins and mythologies.”

The question remains: Why not?

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