Rao Wants to Know: Gail Simone Makes History/Herstory…for Religion?

Gail Simone at SDCC 2009

Image provided by the Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society Miscellanea and Ephemeron

In addition to being a civil union, many consider marriage to also be a religious union and rite. So, Rao has chosen to relay this report from Christopher Holden at The Mary Sue blog though it may not be explicitly religious (or, at least, not yet):

I am fairly confident that there has never been a polygamous, same sex marriage in mainstream comics before […] Regardless of whether this marriage remains canon or not, Gail Simone made a bold move in writing it into her last issue, and deserves admiration for including it because it was not done for shock value and stays true to the characters she had developed.

Get all the details on Scandal, Knockout, and Liana over at The Mary Sue, but, lest one is skeptical, here’s an image from the storyline in question.

Scandal, Knockout, and Liana from Secret Six #36

Image from Secret Six #36, art by Jim Calafiore

Rao wants to know: Does this rare union pertain to religion, or is it exclusively a comics milestone/footnote?


One response to “Rao Wants to Know: Gail Simone Makes History/Herstory…for Religion?

  • mike phillips

    Having studied comparative religions intensely for over four decades, most of the characters i create are either Buddhist or anti-theist (no, not atheist) but i know a lot about religions and recognize that, unfortunately, religious belief permeates the backgrounds of characters. Other harmless religions i would have characters be would be Quaker or Universalist / Unitarian.

    Major kudos to Gail Simone, a creative writer and wonderful individual, for surprisingly creating the first polygamous (and same sex) “marriage”. THIS is what makes for intriguing characterization!
    Having been in a polygamous, polyamourous relation ship for eight years, i can tell you that they work in many ways just like any couple (expect you actually have FOUR relationships going — A + B, A + C, B + C, AND A+B+C) and can be in no ways kinky or odd but just loving more than one person at a time. From personal experience i think this is difficult to maintain permanently as usually two people end up having a stronger coupling than the trio together but IF it lasts it can be a truly wonderful and unselfish thing. i personally would NOT suggest it for people as i think in most cases it will not work and will probably destroy the intial first relationship but, what the heck, as long as people truly care for one another … It will be great if this trio can eventually be followed in future stories as it’s so much more interesting that the tedious boy meets girl crappola.

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