CBR Thread Questions “True Diversity” of Superhero Religion

Over in the Comic Book Resources discussion forums, the poster dubbed “USERNAME TAKEN” questioned religious representation in superhero comics — “If comics are to truly represent an increasingly diverse society, why aren’t there more religious heroes in comics.” The prompt has triggered nearly 100 responses in just over one week, including those from both sides of the divide, whether there is or there is not adequate religious representation in superhero comics.

Are, as poster Kieran_Frost says, comics readers “much more accepting of race, gender and sexuality [and likely…] more accepting of religion in characters, at-least more tolerant than many are assuming?”

Adherent.com's League of Catholic Superheroes


One response to “CBR Thread Questions “True Diversity” of Superhero Religion

  • Raendome Al Askendir Xtranj

    We are about three layers of tales under various Superheroes being properly adored and used as Gods. When the Norse beliefs were at this same stage, Ullr was still a famous hunter and Tyr was still the King of the Vanyr. They didn’t say ‘gods’, that came later when Christianity invaded. So, we have to go through some kind of travail where a whole bunch of people lose the ability to read, and those who can re-tell the stories of the comics they drag around become celebrated and supported for that, unless we’re going to drop the traditional ‘saga’ ways and apply a little science or psychology to the idea…

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