Maronite Monk Writes “The Truth It Out There” Graphic Novel

The Catholic News Agency reports that a monk of the Eastern Catholic Church, a part of the Maronite Church in Lebanon, has produced his own graphic novel to teach and explain his faith. Published in May 2013 by publisher Catholic Answers, The Truth Is Out There is penned by the Maronite monk Amadeus but is told through the experience of two interplanetary mailmen Brendan and Eric and, according to Catholic Answer’s site, “readers don’t have to be Catholic—or possess any kind of faith—to appreciate the thoughtful ideas and arguments they’ll encounter.”

The Truth Is Out There cover

The Catholic News Agency reached Bishop Gregory J. Mansour, of the Maronite Eparchy of St. Maron of Brooklyn, for comment:

[S]omehow the words ‘comic book’ and ‘intellectually challenging’ don’t usually go together, but they do in ‘The Truth is Out There’ by Amadeus…Thank you, Amadeus, for presenting the journey from the prison walls of our mind to the exhilarating freedom of the truth in such an exciting way.

(They don’t, Bishop?)


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