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Jewish-American Literature: The Graphic Novel offered at University of Texas El Paso

James Bucky Carter, founder of the SANE Journal (i.e. Sequential Art in Narrative Education), recently announced that the University of Texas – El Paso (UTEP) would be offering his special section of ENGL3327: Jewish American Literature in the Fall 2011. Specifically, Carter’s course will focus on the graphic novel:

I’m not Jewish, but there is a rich backlog of texts and articles dealing with comics-and-judaica connections. What an exciting challenge to put together a course list and to have to choose from all the great comics and graphic novels out there!

Expect to see — for sure! — a lot of Eisner and Sturm, some Spiegelman, Crumb’s Genesis, some Superman comics, some Stan Lee, probably some Kominsky-Crumb.

On Facebook, Carter also noted that the course may include The Golem’s Mighty Swing and the possibility of The Rabbi’s Cat and MAUS.

Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women

Thanks to Sequential Tart for highlighting this:

Graphic Details:
Confessional Comics by Jewish Women

Vanessa Davis, Bernice Eisenstein, Sarah Glidden, Miriam Katin, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Miss Lasko-Gross, Sarah Lazarovic, Miriam Libicki, Sarah Lightman, Diane Noomin, Corinne Pearlman, Trina Robbins, Racheli Rotner, Sharon Rudahl, Laurie Sandell, Ariel Schrag, Lauren Weinstein, Ilana Zeffren

February 17 to April 17, 2011
Koffler Gallery Off-Site at the Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen St W (Toronto, Ontario)
Originated by Michael Kaminer and Sarah Lightman

Thursday, February 17, 7:30  10 PM | Curator’s Talk at 8 PM

Graphic Details is a groundbreaking touring exhibition, providing the first in-depth look at a unique and prolific niche of graphic storytelling – Jewish women’s autobiographical comics. While the influential role of Jews in cartooning has long been acknowledged, the role of Jewish women in shaping the medium is largely unexplored. This exhibition of original drawings, full comic books and graphic novels, presents the powerful work of eighteen Canadian and international artists whose intimate, confessional work has influenced the world of comics over the last four decades, creating an entirely new genre.

More at Koffler Events.