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The 99, Captain Israel, Habibi, Holy Terror, and More…

It has been a positively massive few weeks in the topic of Religion & Comics, particularly in terms of Islam and Western culture, and a bevvy of links and stories bear highlighting, even en mass. In no particular order:

Converting to Islam Its Own Sin?

In June of last year, novelist and comic book writer G. Willow Wilson gave an interview to Bleeding Cool News upon the release of her memoir The Butterfly Mosque. In both the book and interview, she chronicles what led her to convert to Islam and the stigma sometimes attached to converting into another religion.

Last week, The Infidel Bloggers Alliance essentially proved her point. Whereas Wilson calls “[c]omics readers […] the most open-minded, try-anything-once, take-people-as-they-are,” Avi Green holds Wilson in disdain, largely for converting at all but particularly to Islam. Green says that Wilson’s assessment of comics readers is “naive” and that Wilson herself “fell to Islam.”

Bleeding Cool‘s Rich Johnston, incidentally, stands by Wilson on principle and calls The Infidel Bloggers Alliance “a rabidly pro-Israel, anti-Arab and anti-Muslim site.”