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Bosch Fawstin Takes Further Pigman Adventures Digital

The subject of a previous posting (and Daily Show segment) Bosch Fawstin announced the following on his website this week:

Earlier today, I received word that the ePUB generator/distributor I had selected to try and distribute my book through conventional channels, had rejected The Infidel #1 as violating their “terms of service.” As you’ll see, if they rejected #1, they would certainly reject #2, and so I’ve decided to go ahead and make it available myself, through pdf download, as I did with #1. This means you can be reading it in mere minutes. Even though ePUB offers the advantage of panel isolation, note that you will still be able to read this pdf on many of the popular ebook readers. I viewed it myself on my iPad through iBooks and it looks great. This issue is 22 story pages, in full color, for $3.00.

It may not be surprising that the title was not cleared for distribution given its highly controversial (and some say inflammatory) content. Still, it remains to be seen what success Fawstin might have with the comic through his own online means.

Nightrunner as per The Daily Show

Discussion of Nightrunner continues, now on the satirical The Daily Show.

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The interview features Comics Alliance‘s Chris Simms and Bosch Fawstin, the latter of whom had already spoken about about the threat of Nightrunner becoming a Jihadist. Curiously, both the interviewees and interviewer Aasif Mandvi refer to Nightrunner as a “sidekick,” something that does not seem to have been established by prior stories nor the Batman comics themselves.

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